Precision mold generally refers to complex structure and high-precision molding mold


With the progress of business development, the increase […]

With the progress of business development, the increase in factory investment, the development of more high-precision iterative products by equipment manufacturers, and the relaxation of export controls to my country (currently there are still some equipment that is not open to my country), the hardware is updated and developed in this process. The introduction is fast. And the molding technology that was controlled by Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places in the past has also flowed from master to apprentice to the mainland, and gradually improved in terms of process and craftsmanship. The software has also gone from hand-painted and graphic design at the very beginning to 3D design today. In this process, many factors affect and act together in this industry, and only then can we produce more rich and wonderful high-precision products.

What are precision molds? Today's precision molds generally refer to molding molds with complex structures and high-precision molding molds.

A mold with a complex structure and technology requires many functions to be realized in a small mold volume. For example, the automobile coupling needs to realize the encapsulation and secondary implantation of the plastic material of the metal terminal on the mold. Or the packaging bottles of daily chemical products, on the basis of multi-cavity common mode to ensure consistency, realize the actions of opening and closing the lid and twisting the teeth.
High-precision molds refer to the small changes in the dimensions of the molded products, and the consistency is very high. The molds are often small in size, but the cost is high; it involves optical components, electrical equipment components, and consumer electronics industries.

The choice of whether to use precision molds depends on budget and application requirements, and it is not as expensive as possible. However, the advancement of science and technology and the advancement of equipment have provided us with more diverse choices. The mold industry is still improving, and there are more classified factories for different industries and products.

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