Latest mould manufacturing acceptance standard


Mold appearance The contents of mold nameplate are comp […]

Mold appearance

The contents of mold nameplate are complete, the characters are clear and arranged in order.The nameplate shall be fixed on the mold foot near the template and reference angle. The nameplate is fixed reliably and not easy to peel off. The cooling water nozzle shall be plastic block water faucet, if otherwise required by the customer, it shall comply with the requirements. The cooling water nozzle shall not extend out of the mold base surface.The cooling water nozzle needs to be processed with counterbore with diameter of 25mm, 30mm and 35mm. The chamfer of the orifice shall be the same.The cooling water nozzle shall be marked with inlet and outlet marks.

Mold material and hardness

The mold base shall be the standard mold base conforming to the standard.Materials with properties higher than 40Cr shall be used for mold forming parts and pouring system (core, movable and fixed mold insert, movable insert, shunt cone, push rod and gate sleeve). When forming the plastic that is easy to corrode the mold, the forming parts shall be made of corrosion-resistant materials, or the forming surface shall be provided with anti-corrosion measures.The hardness of moulded parts shall not be lower than 50HRC, or the hardness of surface hardening treatment shall be higher than 600hv.

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